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Law Declaration
Important Information for Clients
Rules of Confidentiality




  We are fully aware of importance and confidentiality of the clients’ materials, translation materials could have a bearing on commercial secrecy such as market development strategy, price system, customer resources and patents etc., the company carries out strict confidentiality system for all original documents and translation version of any customer, strictly observes commercial secrecy from the clients and is responsible for clients’ materials to protect the clients’ interests from being infringed.
  1. The company carries out strict confidentiality for any material from the clients according to the relevant law and regulations, if any customer has any special confidentiality requirement, he shall inform the company in advance so that the company can take a special corresponding confidentiality measure.
  2. No clients’ information is disclosed to the third party in any form of copy, duplicate, transcription, printing and publishing etc. (including direct, indirect, oral or written form etc.) without authorization from the clients.
  3. For secrecy’s sake, the company will only be responsible for keeping the original or finished translation for thirty days and then destroy them if the clients have no any request, the company is not responsible for keeping finished translation and disc after delivery. The clients should keep finished translation which the clients request to keep confidentiality in a safe place, the company is not responsible for inquiry work of this finished translation.
  4. Please inform us in writing ahead of time for high confidentiality or translation (like studying abroad, immigration, invention patent application, internal corporate confidentiality materials etc.) which involve in important interests of the clients, we will take special treatment measure.
  5. The confidentiality contents include technical information, commercial secrecy, individual etc. in the original documents, for example, product processing method, technology, data, design, name list from the clients, supply information, marketing plan, contract, business decision and individual privacy etc., besides the above-mentioned materials, the other materials which the clients request confidentiality also belong to the confidentiality contents.
  6. Do not turn the confidentiality contents from the clients to profit, do not sell or donate them to any other third party to be engaged in production or business etc.
  7. After translation project is completed, if the clients have special request, the company should promptly destroy or delete all confidentiality information and materials involved in this project.
  8. The company shall not bear legal responsibility for disclosure of the clients’ materials due to the reasons like act of God, theft and robbery etc.
  9. After translation project is completed, the company shall return the original, finished translation and the relevant paper or non-paper manuscripts to the clients at the clients’ request.
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