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Law Declaration
Important Information for Clients
Rules of Confidentiality





  1.The company follows Specification for Translation Service, the state standard of the People’s Republic of China, the clients shall guarantee the original documents provided are legal, the company is only responsible for accuracy of the finished translation, the company is only responsible for the accuracy of translation, it does not assume the responsibility for source, content and usage of the source text as well as any dispute arising from the political and commercial secrecy etc., and the company is not responsible for direct or indirect consequences resulted in by using the translation.
  2. The company decline the requests for the translation of documents that being detrimental to the state and national interests, violates Laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and international common practice, involves in unhealthy, reactive, pornographic, barbaric and feudal superstitious contents and violates social morality.
  3. To protect intellectual property rights and writers’ rights and interests, the clients shall have or have achieved copyright for the translated documents, the company reserve the signature right of translators and other rights are held and disposed by the clients. All intellectual property rights of translation materials belong to the clients, the company shall not publish, reprint and use them for other purposes without authorization from the clients. The company shall have nothing to do with copy, publishing, extract, transcription or amendment from the clients.
  4. The power of attorney is a kind of official contract, please read carefully and complete them. Please write typeface, page breadth, space, format, pinyin, binding, save, delivery date, person name, placename, organization name etc. in the corresponding column, otherwise we treat them as language habits and original format. The clients shall be responsible for the consequences arising from missing, wrong and unclear writing.
  5. The company shall be responsible for any delay if it fails to contact the clients according to the contact method and date provided by the clients. The clients shall assume the responsibility for any loss if they postpone providing materials to be translated to the company. The company shall take responsibility for any loss if it fails to deliver the finished translation.
  6. Any party, the company or the client, rescinds agreement at the beginning of translation task, it shall compensate 30% of the agreement amount to the other party as breach money. The refund and compensation amount lodged by the clients will be limited to the amount of payment for translation we have received.
  7. The company shall keep confidentiality for the finished translation, it shall assume the legal responsibility for any important loss caused by intentional disclosure of translation contents entrusted by the clients.
  8. The company shall not bear other obligations after both parties confirm the finished translation.
  9. Any disputes arising form the cooperation between the company and clients shall be settled through friendly consultations. Both parties have no responsibility for their inability of execution of all or part of the contract due to force majeure.
  The company reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the above-mentioned law declaration, welcome inquiry for the matters that are not mentioned here.

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