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Law Declaration
Important Information for Clients
Rules of Confidentiality




  1. Texts and images in original documents must be clear and identifiable and offer complete contents, it is appreciated to provide electronic version file to the best of your abilities, our company does not accept handwritten, unclear, or obscure original texts.
  2. Translation is a kind of complicated, precise, highly specialized intellectual work even a tough language recreation process, the translation quality is directly proportional to time for translation. Except in cases of very urgent jobs, please allow us ample time as much as possible, we do our best to provide the correct translations for you in the shortest time.
  3. To improve accuracy of translation and satisfy you, please provide necessary supplementary materials such as previous translation, glossaries, reference materials and manual etc. We can’t be well up in every field for each industry which has its independency and particularity, also, we will not make such promise to our customer. Actually, we are learning while translating, searching for a universal expression by the industry to establish a special vocabulary data base for better and quicker customer services.
  4. The client who has objections to the translation should make written request to the company within fifty days after he receives the finished translation, we provide amendments for you and answer questions etc. till you are satisfied, if the client has no questions during this period, it would be regarded as abandonment and our company would undertake no responsibility and obligation including accuracy of finished translation any more.
  5. Please inform us in time in writing so that we can make an arrangement in time if the client demands deletion or addition of the original contents while in the course of translation, we will postpone delivery accordingly through consultation due to amendment. When we receive the notice of requesting deletion of some contents from the customer, in the case that the content to be deleted has been translated, we will not exempt such charge.
  6. All translators of the company can operate computers and use various auxiliary tools well, they can directly carry out translation jobs on computers so as to improve the working efficiency and translation quality. We promise all translation jobs are done by manpower, translation software such as FastAIT etc. can’t be mentioned in the same breath with human brain concerning translation quality.
  7. Both parties should communicate more in the process of translation so as to timely add, delete or amend unclear and difficult points as well as adjust translation schedule.
  8. Please choose translation companies carefully.
  We are fully aware that translation is neither a mechanical processing work, machine manufacture nor mould manufacture, software application and process control work, but it’s a kind of intellectual creation work. Translators not only have high foreign language level, strong Chinese skill and rich specialized knowledge, but also they have integrated abilities such as specialized translation requirements and acute cross-cultural insight etc.
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