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Translation Fields and Industry:
    Machinery, electronics, automobile, chemical industry, building, iron & steel, metallurgy, mine, garments, textiles, printing & dyeing, communication, space flight, aviation, medicine, sanitation, petroleum, energy, environmental protection, water conservancy, hydropower, biology, biological chemistry, paper making, foodstuff, farm & husbandry, IT, overseas study, immigration, politics, law, notarization, patents, economic, trade, finance, securities, insurance, management, logistics, education,literature, arts and tourism etc.
1. Translation (documents Types):
Commercial affairs concerned:
    Economic, trade, import & export trade, finance, insurance and securities including quotation, L/C, B/L, packing list, quantity list, inspection certificate, commercial invoice, transportation certificate, import & export contract, purchase & sales contract, agreement, letter of intent, business letters, fax, telex, e-mails, joint venture, cooperative and operation project materials, project capital introduction materials, international contract project materials, corporate plan scheme, training materials, business letters, marketing materials, sales manual, promotion materials, after-sales service manual, news release draft, market investigation, memo, company profile, sample book, booklet, poster, briefing, media & publication advertisement etc.
Finance & Accounting:
    Financial statements, audit report, capital investigation report, financial analysis, project report, assets appraisal, real estate appraisal, intangible assets, feasibility report and land appraisal etc.
Law Documents:
    Law, rules, regulations, ordinance, treaty, detailed rules, pact, archives, law advice etc.; contracts and agreements including transaction contract, purchase & sales contract, letter of authorization, letter of intent, deed, loan contract, labor contract, labor service contract, house lease contract, engineering contract, license contract, agency contract, technology contract, confidentiality contract, joint venture contract, software license contract, patent license contract, technical license contract, trade license contract etc. Civil medication decision, judgement, bill of complaint, subpoena, judicial/arbitration documents and other lawsuit documents; article of association, annual report of the listing company, corporate rules system, corporate registration, business license, tax registration license, estate registration license, mortgage certificate, pledge letter, memo and expert conclusion etc.
Science and Technology Materials:
   User’s manual, operation manual, maintenance manual, service manual, installation manual, catalogue manual, industrial standard, technical standard, technical standard, quality manual, engineering drawings, inspection manual, inspection report, scientific research report, feasibility report and project execution scheme etc.
Individuals Materials:
    Overseas study, immigration and notarization materials: certification materials including: letter of acceptance, diploma, graduation certification, academic degree certificate and transcript etc.; single certificate, certificate of no criminal conviction, financial support certificate, deposit certificate, tax payment certificate etc. financial support certificates including financial guarantee, deposit slip, house title certificate, land certificate, tax invoices etc.; corporate materials: business license, tax registration license, legal representative card and accounting statements etc. and other certification materials: resume, professional title certificate, visa application, household register, ID card, passport, driving license, grading certificate, honor certificate, employment application, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, invitation letter, residence certificate, vaccination certificate, physical examination report, disease certificate, correspondence, academic thesis and abstract etc.
Literature and Arts Materials:
    Essay, poem, novel, magazine, composing playing and movie & TV dialogues etc.
Other Translation Materials:
    Name card, web pages and websites etc.
2. Interpretation:
· Accompanying interpretation
· Working scenes interpretation
· 同声传译
Daily life interpretation:Travel guide, and foreign affairs activities and common business travel accompanying, etc.
Working scenes interpretation:The common interpretations on engineering locale, technical investigation, product introduction, technical training, news release, exhibition, lecture and court trial etc.
Formal negotiating interpretation:formal business and technical negotiation, fairs, forum, conferences, exhibition, lecture and symposium etc.
Simultaneous interpretation:formal business and technical negotiating, science symposium, forum and the large conferences.
    As for technical interpretation concerned, please provide some relevant information including corporate product knowledge, glossary and discussion background etc.

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