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Quality Control
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  We are fully aware that quality is the base for existence and development of the company, the guarantee to keep a long-term cooperation with clients and the support to healthy, stable and quick development of the company. “Quality first” is the core idea of the company business. Our company always adheres to the corporate principle of “Pursuing the Top Translation Realm with Superb Skills. We adopt five quality principles to guarantee the superior quality and accuracy of the finished translation to form a high effective and practical quality assurance system:
  1. Perfect internal management
  The company always follows standardized business management principle, adopts advanced management system, establishes a perfect internal management system and scientific translation business flow to effectively guarantee smooth business operation, we carefully examine each link from business negotiation to after-translation service, translation process to quality control and perfect rules and regulations to advantageous services so as to furthest offer superior quality translation to the clients.
  2. Specific quality standard
  We carry out overall translation quality management according to GB/T19002-1994 IDT ISO 9002 standard and the state standards such as Specification for Translation Service Part 1: Translation (GB/T 19363.1-2003), Specification for Translation Service Part 2: Interpretation (GB/T 19363.2-2006) and Target Text Quality Requirements for Translation Services (GB/T 19682-2005) to ensure standardization of work process and quality control.
  3. Scientific translation business flow
  We have strict and scientific business flow to protect the clients’ rights and interests; we carry out three-level proofreading for all finished translation in language, techniques and consistency, each process is well cooperated from draft translation to unified translation and proofreading to final examination. Even if the minor difference between vocabularies is also accurately expressed, the language experts and specialized technical talents guarantee quality.
  4. Strict assessment system for translators and interpreters
  We always deem translation is a particular and highly professional creation process, we work out assessment, recruitment, training and translation quality management system for the translators and interpreters, and we establish translators and interpreters talents database, the database includes experts in every industry, returned overseas Chinese and professors from universities etc.
  5. Perfect quality follow-up management
  We will carry out after translation service after delivery, we hear feedback from the clients and reply the feedback opinions from the clients after we record and sort them out. We will correct them according to the feedback opinions till the clients are satisfied if we find translation problems. The company would like to establish a long-term business relation with the clients and offer special preferential price for long-term clients with big business.
  The top translation realm, complete equivalence between original and finished translation is a dream that we diligently strive after.

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